About Us

Silma Ihram - Diversity Skills Founder

Diversity Skills Training (RTO 91827) was started by former School Principal Silma Ihram. A long time educator, Silma leads a team of trainers and staff who are passionate about the importance of acquiring skills for work-related employment.

We have campuses in Sydney, NSW and Brisbane, QLD.

Vocational Education should be lifelong. The workplace is constantly changing and every employee needs to keep abreast of these changes through ongoing Vocational study and Professional Development.

At Diversity Skills we have supported hundreds of students to develop their skills, get qualified and succeed in their chosen career over the past 7 years. Our systems are thorough but flexible to support the needs of our students. Learning new skills with experienced trainers is not only fun but builds confidence and capacity.

We particularly love to support women and those from a variety of backgrounds. Many of our students have come from a refugee background, and for some, this is the first qualification that they have gained – quite an achievement when they are starting study in middle age, or women returning to the workforce. We are there to help you to develop your professional skills – no matter what your background is.

Our Values

Diversity Skills is driven by these core principles:


When you start a course, you do not want to be a number – you need to know who your trainer is, and that there is someone understanding who you can talk to when you get stuck. Learning is a process, that needs support and a respectful relationship. Whether student, staff or friends – respect is a key value at DST.

Individual Growth

Learning is a part of life – and should result in personal growth. Just as our students are learning, our staff are also committed to learning new skills and improving our practices. New skills support our growth to become confident and positive contributors to Australian society.

Being a Welcoming Space

What a difference a smile makes! At DST we aim to build a vibrant and welcoming space for all our students and staff to feel at home and to look forward to coming to DST.


We have all heard horror stories of Training Organisations that sign up students and then leave them ‘in the lurch’. At DST we believe in accountability and doing our best to support our students. Honesty, integrity and being able to act on a complaint are key aspects of DST.
If you want to have a read through our formal policies and procedures, follow the link below to the Policies page.
View our Policies >
Relating to the principle of Accountability, Diversity Skills knows that transparency and trust is important in the Education sector so you can find our full audit report online. Read the Audit Report >

Learning at Diversity Skills

Vocational Education is not about attending boring lectures, or swatting to pass exams. Instead our qualified trainers bring years of experience in their industry and understanding of proper processes and practices. They ensure you are competent in required skills for the job you need. Whether you are studying remotely or at home - and need online access, or can attend class for direct training with your trainer, or are learning through your work as a trainee, our goal is to make your pathway to a qualification relevant, interesting and accessible. With all our learning also available online, blended training allows you to attend class then continue studying online while travelling, and trainers to ‘Zoom’ into your remote workplace to assess your latest skills. If you have years of experience working in an industry, contact us for Recognised Prior Learning – and get a qualification to match your hard-earned experience.
'Diversity Skills staff are always friendly and helpful who always greet you with a warm welcome and and smile when walking into the office'.
Terii Hagai, Queensland
'All the staff at Diversity Skills are all well mannered and helpful. I will definitely continue to do my Diploma'.
Nicholai Kabakoff, Queensland

Online Study

Online training is the most common form of learning for busy people. Whether a mother at home, a busy employee seeking to upgrade their qualifications, or someone who just doesn't have time to come to a face to face class, online learning is flexible and easy to use. Trainers are a phone call or email away, texts and assessments can be easily uploaded, downloaded or filled directly in online, and webinars are run at a regular rate so trainers can connect with a group of their students. We use the Moodle system and have customised our learning material so that is most suitable for online learning.

International Students

Diversity Skills is in the process of applying for CRICOS approval, which allows international students to study at our College while residing in Australia. However, students who can complete all of their studies online while they are living overseas or a international students who don't intend to come to Australia, can study directly with us without the expense normally associated with international students. Just as our local students can study online and become qualified with a variety of Certificates and Diplomas, so too our international students who live overseas, can also be awarded the full qualification of Diploma or Certificate if they don't require local industry experience. Enquire now on this affordable opportunity.
“I am writing to say how much I appreciated the time and effort you took in helping me obtain my business certificate. I had found it difficult considering my English language level and so it was nice to have teachers that know my language and customs. I will be recommending DST to all my family. Thank you”
Karthick / NSW (local student)